BG Console helps you manage your local and remote terminals and other tasks on your computer.

Keep your most valuable commands organized and documented

What is it?

BG Console is a set of useful tools for your desktop to easily run commands in your terminals or in the background. It helps you manage multiple collections of instructions to execute very useful tasks in a way that is well organized and documented for the future.

Why do I want it?

There are so many commands and task that you may run in a daily basis. Some of them you remember by heart and are very short to type them fast but that is not the case all the time.

  • What if you can’t remember the parameters?
  • What if the command is really technical and you needed hours to type it correctly?
  • Are you going to remember every command after six months or more?
  • What about sharing your knowledge with your coworkers or friends?

Basically, BG Console is terminal aliases on steroids.

Where should I go next?

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